What is RCS messages ?

RCS messages, also known as Rich Communication Services, are a modern upgrade to traditional text messaging. They bring exciting features like sharing photos, videos, and GIFs right in your messages. You can see when someone has read your message and even chat with multiple people in a group. It’s like having the capabilities of popular messaging apps built into your regular texting app, making your conversations more interactive and engaging.

“Upgrade your texting experience with RCS messages, the next-generation messaging platform that lets you share photos, videos, and more, all while enjoying features like read receipts and group chats. Say goodbye to basic texts and hello to a richer, more interactive way of connecting with your loved ones.”

RCS Messages

Start unmatch customer conversation with Rich messages powered by google (RCS)

RCS Messages

Marketing message

  • The objective is to increase people’s knowledge, involvement, and purchases by sending marketing, sales, and promotional messages to potential or current customers.
  • Sharing special marketing deals, marketing promotions, discounts, and upgrades on products or services.
  • Following up with users who didn’t complete their transactions, like abandoned shopping carts and Wishlist’s , to remind them and encourage them to make a purchase.

Utility message( transactional )

The aim is to provide helpful and informative communications to users for utility or transactional purposes.

  • Sending notifications about important updates, such as account information, order confirmations, and shipping details.
  • Providing reminders for upcoming appointments, bill payments, or subscription renewals.
  • Offering personalized recommendations or tailored suggestions based on user preferences and past interactions.
  • Assisting users in managing their accounts, such as password resets or account recovery processes.
RCS Messages

Authentication messages

The objective is to deliver secure authentication messages to users, ensuring their accounts and personal information are protected.

Notifying users of suspicious login attempts or unauthorized access to their accounts.

  • Providing password reset instructions or account recovery procedures to ensure account security.

  • Instant verification codes or links to ensure secure account creation and login.