The Mumbai-based startup, SMS2ORBIT-Orbit Messaging Hub, offers a range of Communication Platform as a Service (CPAAS) solutions, including SMS Gateway, IVR, Missed Calls, OBD, OTP SMS Service, and more. Among their services, the OTP SMS solution stands out for its high reliability and efficiency. In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of financial transactions and customer data holds paramount importance. One of the most frequently utilized methods for securing transactions and customer accounts is the One-Time Password (OTP) verification system. OTPs are unique and time-sensitive codes that get sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, serving the purpose of verifying the user’s identity during online transactions.

SMS2ORBIT offers specialized features catering to financial institutions and small business.

  • High throughput messaging application: The platform of SMS2ORBIT is capable of sending millions of messages per hour, which is essential for businesses that need to send large volumes of OTP messages during peak periods.
  • Customizable sender ID: Businesses are allowed to customize the sender ID of their messages by SMS2ORBIT, which helps improve brand recognition and builds customer trust.
  • Multi-language support: Multiple languages are supported by SMS2ORBIT, which is crucial for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions.
  • API integration: The platform of SMS2ORBIT can be easily integrated with existing systems through APIs, which makes it easy for businesses to incorporate OTP messaging into their existing workflows.
  • 24/7 support: Round-the-clock customer support is offered by SMS2ORBIT to ensure that businesses can quickly resolve any issues or concerns.

Give Secure OTP SMS Gateway To Your Businesses.

Elevate Your OTP SMS Delivery with a Dedicated Gateway. Unlock the Highest Delivery Ratio with a Separate OTP Gateway.

This Committed 99.92% SLA gives businesses confidence in using OTP SMS for important tasks like verification and authentication, knowing that the service will be available when needed.

Multiple SMS Gateway connectivity ensures reliable OTP delivery, reducing delays and failures, enhancing user authentication efficiency.

OTP SMS Gateway offers the Highest delivery ratio as the priority of OTP SMS Route is very high as compared to Regular SMS Route.

You can get information about how many messages were sent, how many were delivered successfully, and how long it took for them to be delivered. You can also see if any messages failed to reach their destination.

A separate OTP route is a special dedicated route that gives priority to OTP messages to make sure they are delivered quickly and reliably.



If More Information About The OTP SMS Service Provided By SMS2ORBIT Is Desired, Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact The Business Team. They Can Be Reached At Or By Calling 97248 55877.