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with 3.82 billion Active users.

promotional bulk sms service provider

Promotional Bulk SMS Service provider as a potent tool to reach smartphone users and capitalize on their heightened screen time. With approximately 3.82 billion active smartphone users worldwide, which accounts for about half of the world’s population, it is evident that smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. Considering that the average global user spends around 4.2 hours per day on their smartphones, reflecting a significant 40% increase over the past two years, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to engage with a large and highly active audience through effective promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider campaigns. 

Especially for Indian smartphone users, who experienced a remarkable 80% increase in smartphone usage compared to 2022, leveraging promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider campaigns can be particularly impactful. The first quarter of 2023 witnessed a significant milestone in smartphone usage, with the average daily time spent on smartphones surpassing four hours. In India and other countries, where extensive smartphone engagement is prevalent, businesses can leverage promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider campaigns to achieve even greater impact.

Engaging with Indian smartphone users and capitalizing on their increased screen time involves delivering compelling, promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider messages that captivate their attention and drive conversions. It’s essential to seize this upward trend to maximize reach and achieve business growth.

3-different Way of Mobile Marketing

promotional bulk SMS service provider


promotional bulk SMS service provider

SMS2ORBT Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider marketing, also known as text message marketing, is exceptionally popular among businesses seeking rapid market coverage. Moreover, this marketing strategy offers robust lead generation services complemented by features such as Automated SMS, Bulk SMS, URL Tracking, Scheduled SMS Campaign, and Trigger SMS events. For those aiming to expand brand communications, Promotional Bulk SMS Service provides an excellent opportunity to engage millions of customers with personalized messages.

Additionally, it allows attachments of Web-URLs, images, coupon codes, alerts, and promotional information, maximizing the likelihood of message readership. The primary advantage of Promotional Bulk SMS marketing lies in its remarkable ROI achieved through low-cost investments, enabling the launch of effective promotional campaigns. Ultimately, this approach empowers businesses to reach vast customer bases with tailored messages containing curated content, URLs, images, coupon codes, and more.


promotional bulk SMS service provider

Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider  involves sending out highly targeted SMS messages in large quantities to a specific demographic of interest. This technique serves as an instant lead generation and cost-effective method for businesses to acquire customers. Furthermore, leveraging this robust marketing technique offers numerous benefits. Notably, a dedicated and secure A2P SMS gateway can track all SMS marketing campaigns in a centralized database and provide specialized tools to control market interactions. By utilizing Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider, businesses can effectively generate leads, acquire customers, and take advantage of the secure database management and market interaction control tools provided by a dedicated A2P SMS gateway.


promotional bulk SMS service provider

FAQs ( promotional bulk SMS service )

Now businesses can send Promotional SMS Between 9AM To 9PM. 

Promotional SMS is a powerful marketing tool that offers several benefits for businesses like,

High Open and Read Rates

Instant Delivery


Easy Campaign Management

Wide Reach


 At SMS2ORBIT We take only 15 Min to activate Promotional Bulk SMS Services. 

Lowest plan start with 25000 SMS Credits , Visit Pricing page for more details


No , As per TRAI Guideline , Promotional SMS Can not be delivered on DND number , However you can send SMS on DND Number if you have taken Digital consent from users.

At Single Click You are able to connect with millions of users. 

You can check the URL click Ratio.

Send Media files like JPG , PDF.

Send Customised SMS From Excel. 

Yes , You can send promotional SMS to Share coupon code.

Each SMS Credits have a 160 Character limit.

Instant Lead Generation.

New Product & Services Launch Awareness.

Products & Services Discount Alert.  

Brand Building Activity. 

Mass Target.

Yes , You can send SMS From Excel sheets.

System will take a Minimum 5 Minute time to deliver 1 Lakh SMS

Yes, DLT Registration is compulsory for sending Promotional SMS.